Finishing Touches

 We are right in the middle of all of the finishing touches coming together.
My favorite part.
Cabinets are being stained.
 Vanity countertops are being installed.
 Trim is lining the walls.
 Accent walls are coming together.
 The pantry is decked out in barn wood.
 The stairs are being covered in perfect, rustic wood.
 And shelves, rods,
 And storage are being installed everywhere!
Well, I better get out of my pjs.  Jason will be home soon.  He is building the platform that will be rocked for the wood burning stove and then we leave to buy more materials. 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Barndominium Update

 Lots of progress has been taking place at the barndominium.
Kitchen cabinets installed.
Pantry on the right.

 Bathroom cabinets
 Doors and windows trimmed

 Front door
 Shutters and porch columns wrapped in cedar
We're right in the middle of the fun part.
We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by!