Ready to Rock

 Things are moving right along at Weld House Home #4.
 It has been exciting to see a wood framed house be constructed.
 Framing inside

 The owner, who has been such a pleasure to work with.
 The cedar posts add such character and I love the bay window.
 Windows installed and siding painted
Roof finished.
I love the front door, which will look great after the rock is installed.
I can't wait to see it rocked!
We'll be back soon with updates.
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Wooden Weld House Home

 We are excited to announce the construction of our next project, a wood frame home.
 To begin, dirt work took place.

 We celebrated by flying a kite.
Not really.
But the neighbors did.
What a nice way to welcome the home owner to the block :)
 The hole was filled back in.
 Form boards, trenches and plumbing

 Poly and rebar

 Let the cement pouring begin.

 Getting it all nice and smooth.
(Isn't the sky beautiful?)


 Framing begins

It is exciting to watch this project move along.
Come back as we post the progress.
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Building Beautifications

 A couple of outbuildings have recently received face lifts.
Sheds such as these do a great job of keeping tools, mowers, and belongings organized and from cluttering the yard.
After years of use they most always could use a little TLC.
 After replacing rotten wood,
 The building was painted and a new roof was installed.
 Nice and fresh.
 Different Building
Same Story
And After!

Great Gates


 As promised, here are the other two gate projects.  Here are some "in progress" shots.  After the frame was welded,
 A template was made.
 Next the longhorn was cut from flat iron.
 Everything welded in place.
And installed.
 Complementing mailbox
 And another gate.
 Receiving a paint job
 And cedar frame
 All loaded up.
 This project has a "before" photo.
Lovely rock flower beds were already in place.
Doesn't the new gate bring it all together nicely?!
My little blog helper said hi :)
We'll be back soon with two outbuilding makeovers!
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