Pics of Weld House Home #6

 Weld House Home #6 is underway.

 I am especially excited about this house for several reasons.
The owners have lots of cool ideas that I can't wait to see.
And if you're a follower from way back, you may think these pictures seem somewhat familiar. 
(If barn demolition and barn wood projects are your thing, I invite you to check out the weld house link above and click on "Barn Wood" from the quick list on the right side bar.)
 There is also an old home on this property and the owners plan to use some of the materials in their new home.
Last week, I also got a peek of some of their collection of other (neato burrito) items that will be incorporated in the house.
We'll be back with more updates soon.
Thanks for stopping by.

Weld House Home #5 Wrap Up

 Construction has wrapped up at House #5 and the owners are busy making their house a home.
 Rock work was completed.
 Cabinets were installed.

 Painting, staining, counter tops and light fixtures
 I love the light fixtures.


 Master Bedroom
 Kid's bedroom
 Master Bath
 Half Bath
 Front door
I did not get a picture after the painting was completed but this gives you an idea.

Best wishes to this lovely family.