Beat the Heat

It's been a while since we peeked in at Weld House Home #2.
Nope, the furniture store isn't making deliveries yet...
But the spray foam insulators have done their thing.
Looks efficient to me :)
We took this insulation step at the Weld House, and I have to say, so far it's looking like this was a very good investment, especially in this summer heat.
Speaking of summer heat (quite the hot topic), the HVAC duct work has been installed (and inspected by Mr. Welder.)
Speaking of inspection, Weld House Home #2 passed it's county inspection earlier this week!
For some reason the word inspection can kind of make you nervous.
It feels good to have another one checked off.
And no, we did not get any rain from this beautiful sight.
Aren't these light fixtures cute?
I have a phobia about tags...but Mr. Welder informed me that the owners are still deciding if these are The I left them alone.
What exactly is tag phobia? 
As soon as an item enters the house (and I'm sure I'm keeping the item), off comes the tag.
My sister doesn't have this phobia.  She still has a tag on a pillow on her couch and I'm always tempted to find her scissors and get it.
I'm sure if I just asked, she'd let me chop it off...
Well, enough talking about my weirdness, we better buzz on out of here.
Happy Weekend!

Rockin' Around the Pecan Tree

No it's not Christmas and I'm not even sure what kind of tree that actually is (that's just what fit in the blank when I busted out singing one of my favorite tunes), but I wanted to share a recent Weld House Homes project.
Since I wasn't around when this project was completed, I can only imagine what Mr. Welder was saying to get so many happy, smiling pictures of guys working in the 100+ heat.  Though I think every time I've been around our rock guys (yes, I like them so I claim them as ours...) they've been happy.
Love this picture...makes me smile.
I am horrible at symmetry and getting things even and lined up so I always appreciate those that are masters at it.
I couldn't help but be a tad jealous when Mr. Welder told me the about the home cooked meal the owners shared with him and the crew.  It probably did not help that he told me right after I finished a can of Spaghetti Os...
Cooking for others and sharing a meal is one of my favorite acts of kindness.  I mean, doesn't it make you feel good to be invited into someones home to enjoy a feast...or even a cup of coffee?  It definitely doesn't have to be anything fancy to make someone feel appreciated and welcome.
When I see examples like this it makes me want to be more like that more often.
A game of cards before finishing up.
After the patio was completed, Mr. Welder did some dirt work as finishing touches for this backyard sprucing.
The weather is a little unbearable now, but we hope it won't be long before are friends are able to enjoy it!

Bringing it Back to Life

The elements and uninvited guests can sometimes take a toll on property.  Though it would be nice if things lasted forever, that it doesn't, makes for a fun Before and After. 
This work shop had definitely seen better more glorious days.
The backyard view was gorgeous.
See it peeking out from behind the shed?
And sometimes during the removal process you encounter unexpected surprises.
Who invited these termite guys anyways?!?
Anything can be fixed though.
The boards were replaced and the shop was leveled.
Fresh and clean sheet metal was put in place for wall covering. New windows were installed.
A shiny, new roof lined with insulation was capped with trim.
Mr. Welder left the camera at home the day he went back to put the door on...
Now don't you think this looks like a perfect place to enjoy working on projects?!
It was really nice meeting and chatting with the owners.
(Oh, and Jason really appreciated the Big Red surprise.)
We wish them luck on the rest of their backyard endeavors and hope they enjoy their new and improved workshop!

Weekend Drive

Progress photos weren't lacking but on the scarce side, so...
Bud and Daisy drove us over to Weld House Home #2 to take a look around with camera in hand.
The front of the house is looking spiffy. 
And so is the back.
What's that on the back porch, you ask?
An outdoor fireplace.
This does double duty-two for the price of one.
During the summer it blocks the setting evening sun and during the will do the obvious.
I love the back porch!
Moving inside.
  The kid bath/shower was put into place.  It's a one piece so we had to get it in before finishing out the back wall.  I'm glad to see all my nagging about our shower/bath combo sunk in.  Mr. Welder can tell you how many times I asked to make sure we'd be able to fit a one piece in our house...practically every time a board was added, I'd chime in and ask to make sure we'd be able to get one in there.
I'm learning to zip my lips and did not even ask once this go round.
Nag good one time and they are trained for life.
Just kidding, honey.
I'm just trying to feel like my nagging comes in handy sometimes...
Wires and more plumbing stuff has been added.
The floors have been stained.  The den/kitchen was scored and stained.
And now it's all covered, so that will give us something to look forward to.
I haven't seen it uncovered either, if that makes you feel any better.
It will be so fun to unwrap this big present!
One more look at the back patio.
Yep, I LOVE it!

Cheers to Another Year!

Happy Anniversary!
Cheers to many more years of happiness together.
We love you guys and wish you tons of fun and memories at Weld House Home #2...soon!

Hard Hat Tour

Hi, I'm Peyton. My aunt, Mrs. Welder, asked me to show you around my new home that is being built. Put on your hard hats and follow me.
Here's the inside which has nice, smooth floors for bike riding.
Though the yard is better for Gator riding...
And tractor playing.
Sometimes I take a break from the seriousness and show my silly side.  I learn a lot of my silly stuff from Uncle Welder.
Here is how the front of my house is looking.  There are still two more columns to rock.  I hope when all the rock work is completed, there is some left over to play with.
 Aunt Welder was off a few extra days when they got back from vacation, so she came to help Uncle Welder.  While he worked on our outdoor kitchen, she went around and laid out boxes for plugs (which are off limits for kids my age) and lights. 
The guys worked on our grill.
And on the rock around our door.
Daisy went snooping in the field.
Boy, was she thirsty when she made it back.
After she rested for a bit she sniffed around and put her whole nose in a hole.  She's silly too.
Uncle Welder went around and attached all those boxes that Aunt Welder laid out. 
They talked and discussed different options for light switches and door openings all throughout the house.  It was quite a bit to think through.  In my room they positioned my light switch so the door would not open in front of my window.  They love me and want my room to be perfect!
Isn't our outdoor kitchen so cool!?  I hope we can grill corn on the cob because I love it.
Well, it's time to hop on over to my next project.
Thanks for coming to visit us.