Moving right along

Hello Mr.Welder here.My wife is teaching me how to blog tonight...hopefully in the future i won't have time to blog because i'll be so busy on your projects instead.
Ok, this is Mrs. Welder... Mr. Welder is looking at me like, "Now what?" I see the hunger in his eye, so I'll take over the typing/rambling part that I have way more experience at. Here's a quick update on Weld House Home #2. Dirt work around the slab and steel delivery have taken place. The framework is scheduled to begin in a few weeks. Can't wait to see it start going up!

Mr. Welder has been organizing the inside of his new trailer getting ready to put it to use. We'll have to show you the inside soon. A couple other Weld House Homes projects are also moving along. We hope to show some before and afters soon. I am looking forward to seeing them myself. Ok, time for our late night snack date. Key Lime pie time!
Let's give Mr. Welder a round of applause for his blogging efforts.

Leave him a comment if you love his blogging already ;)

Aww Man

Our spare camera that Mr. Welder was using for this blog has died. I thought I'd let you all know in case you have a digital camera you no longer use, collecting dust that you'd like to sell for pretty cheap. Mr. Welder is kind of rough on things like cameras, cell phones, pagers (ha , not really) hope we can find something that is not a huge investment ;)

Thanks and R.I.P. Miss Camera


Nevermind. Mr. Welder found something in our price range from Wally World. He knows I'm a hardcore blogger and might have fits without he acted fast and already had the camera when I posted above.

Score! The First Pour!

Friday the cement trucks arrived!Looks like a few others were excited too :) It is exciting to see this project move along. The excited family...I keep using the word excited. That word explains it best! We feel truly blessed to be a part of this EXCITING adventure.

The front porch And back porch

In the photos, both porches are in the process of being washed rock.
Mr. Welder has been doing a great job of taking photos. I'll continue to share what he shares with me :) And that which we get permission to share. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Tired But Thought I'd Blab About the Slab...

Friday is the big day! The slab is scheduled to be poured on the first official Weld House Homes home. That sounds kind of funny. I guess we didn't think that through :) Mr. Welder did preparations tonight. Weld plates are laid out. Nails are hammered in place. The guard dogs are on post. The water hose almost reaches. Ok fine, don't spray does reach!
Well, I tried to tell you it wasn't quite long enough.
Mommy saved the day and brought back the smiles.

Now it's time to lay back and wait for the cement trucks to arrive!