A Little Dog Told Me to Check Out This Post

 So much has progressed since the last time I posted!
It's partly my fault since I have been busy doing other things but it's also because things have been happening at a rapid pace.
 Spray foam insulation and electrical wiring was installed.
 Sheetrock came next.

 Fancy ceiling construction took place in the master bedroom.
 This now has trim and will also include special lighting.  So pretty!
 Rock trucks arrived.
 And rock laying began.

 Sidewalks were added. 
One from the back porch to the carport
 And a short sidewalk to a new slab that will house an outdoor kitchen

 Work took place on the driveway.
 So many rocks
Each one put it place by hand.
 Doesn't it look great?
 When the skies cleared and some of the puddles dried, Lily and I got to go along to check out the progress in real life!
Cabinets had been installed.
This is the laundry room.
 Master Bath
 Master shower
 Nice, big master closet.
I spy a cute baby.
And the daddy's not too bad looking either :)
 Den and kitchen area.
I LOVE the pine ceiling!
I spy someone else cute.
 Here he is, warming up by the light.
Just like I used to do when working on our Weld House!
(Guess I think like a dog.)
 A closer look at the kitchen.
 Blue skies!
And dreams of outdoor cooking and hanging out.
 A look at the back.
Love the bay window.
 This stage of building is the best.
  All the little details coming together to make a home.
I really do love my husband's job :)
Gus* says, "Thanks for stopping by to visit.  We'll be back with more soon."
*Name has been changed to protect the individuals identity...or maybe the author of this post did not know it.