Custom-Built Weld House Wares

During construction of the Weld House, Mr. Welder discovered he really enjoyed designing and constructing custom pieces.  After hearing comment after comment about the master bathroom medicine cabinets he built, we thought that might be a good custom example to start with.

  These cabinets can be built in different heights, depths, widths, with different hardware, mirror styles, glass doors, chicken wire doors, open shelving, from various wood types, painted, stained or rustic, with endless shelving configurations to fit your needs, etc.  And not only can these be used above your sink for medicine cabinets, how about above the potty for extra storage, in your den or office to show off one of your favorite collections, in your laundry room or pantry to help with organization.  The options go on and on.  Oh, and just let me know if you need me to come spruce your space with Boxwood since that seems to be my specialty.
If you're in the market for something along these lines, give Mr. Welder a call.  He'll be happy to sit down with you and talk through the details of your very own custom Weld House Ware. (He'll probably even draw you a pretty picture.)  Come on, don't be shy, especially if what's holding you back is that it's something way different and maybe not even Weld House style-gasp!  Just kidding.  We're up for the challenge and would be excited to work on something not so "Weld Housey" too.  And we'd be happy to have more examples to post here to show styles all over the spectrum.  Plus it could be your good deed for the day-you know, helping a starting business out.  Thanks for stopping by this tab of our site :)