The House Tour You've All Been Waiting For...

 Well probably not but I did finally get some pics of Weld House Home #2.
I took these on two different occasions.
A few this fall and the majority a couple weeks ago.
As you will see, the Mrs. is very festive and she makes me feel like I am slacking :)
And I thank her for letting me snoop around and take some snapshots when that really is not the reason I was even over there.
 Master Bedroom
 I love how she decorates.

 Outdoor living
 Goodnight fall
 And back on a warm, spring day.
 A look around the Den

 The fun playroom

 Cute shelf in the Kid Bath
 Aren't these lockers great?
Love the chalkboard too.
 She even changes the bedding!
 This is hard to take a picture of, but they decided to leave one of their dormers open and I think it's such a neat part of the house.

 A look around the kitchen

And Mudroom Area
Thanks again for letting me come by and take pictures, unannounced.
Though with how things looked, it seems like she knew I was coming!