Hello, Is Anyone There?

 What's been going on at Weld House Homes?!  A ton!  And here is a peek at Home #3.
 But before we begin the story of House #3, let's heat up its shop.
 Cute wood burning stove
 All hooked up and ready to warm.
 Now back to House #3.  Dirt work begins.
 Form boards are added.
 Plumbing in place.
 Rebar in place.

 Cement being poured.

 Getting it all nice and smooth.
 After the slab is cured, steel frame work is erected.

 The shop will be connected to the house.

 Wood is installed for the windows.
 Windows are put in place and metal wainscot is installed.
 Patio door
 Rock trim and exterior walls are installed.
 Back of the house
 Front of the house

 Time to start roofing.

 A little something for the ladies :)
 Porch can lights and soffets are installed.

 Driveway added.
 Woodframing inside.

 Rock wainscot outside.

 Really pretty rock.

 Electrical work taking place.
 HVAC and spray foam insulation.
 Oh look.  A place for Mrs. Welder to come take a seat and visit.
Can you believe I have not been to the work site even once yet?!

 Mr. Welder set up a shutter factory.
 Staining/sealing the shutters.
 And here is how Weld House Home #3 looks today!
Front views

And the back, which will soon have shutters.
It's Mrs. Welder's bedtime.  Thanks for coming by and good night.