We Have an Etsy Shop!

 It only has one item...but we did decide to set up an etsy shop.  A coffee table is in the works, and I've found a few treasures I need to photograph and list too.
Here's a link to our bare shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/WeldHouseWares
Thanks for bearing with us as we get things going.
I might be a tad partial, but didn't it turn out beautiful?!
Thanks for stopping by.

Weld House Wares in the Works

Yes, we're still alive.  Yes, we're still in business. Yes, I still plan to put together a tour of Weld House Home #2.  Yes, Mr. Welder has his next house project lined up.  And yes, I have a few other projects to share...
But today (after all this time) all I have is a sneak peek of an incomplete farmhouse table.  Mr. Welder loves wood working (he even reads magazines about it) and decided between jobs, he would do more of what he loves in hopes that he might not only build houses but furnish them as well.  We haven't exactly figured out the avenue we'll take in actually selling his handcrafted goods.  I have a shop, but it doesn't exactly offer the space we'd need for items this large.  He's also been looking into selling on ebay, etsy, and places like that.  So we don't have that part figured out, but I wanted to let you know that we are making progress on the Weld House Wares section of our business.  Yes, I'll be back to show you the finished product.

Thank you for stopping by.  I'll try to not disappear for so long again.

Better Buildings

 I know, I know...It's been a LONG time since I posted.  I kidnapped Mr. Welder's camera and though I don't know the specifics of this project, I know it's complete and it looks good, so I'd thought I'd show it off. 
These are outbuildings at a church that had seen better days.
 To start the healing process, the buildings were decorated with lathe boards.
 And once they were all lathed,
 Sheet metal and new trim was installed.
Now these buildings are rough and tough and will remain standing for many years to come.

You're probably still waiting (or have given up) on the Weld House Home #2 tour.  My camera is in the shop on top of the waiting for the right time to barge in on my sister-in-law.  I do still plan to share, so I hope you wait it out with me.

Know someone planning to build a house or remodel a house?  Maybe you've heard someone mention some other type of custom project.  We'd love you forever if you mention Weld House Homes.  Jason would be happy to chat with you about your project.  I'm probably partial, but he really is the best :)
Thanks for stopping by.

A Snack to Hold you Over

  Things are wrapping up at Weld House Home #2.  I have plans to put together a tour of the finished project as soon as I get the green light.  Bedding is being purchased, cabinets are being organized, and the family is settling in.  In the meantime, here are a few more peaks of the kitchen countertops and backsplash.
I really like how it all came together.
I learned from the Mrs. yesterday that she has already switched up the look of the open shelving.
It sounds cute and I'm anxious to check it out.
Here's a shot of the master closet.  Mr. Welder constructed the shelving and poles.
It turned out great.
Back to the kitchen.
This area is still in the works.  I promise you'll be impressed with the final product.
I can picture its cuteness now.
A peek at the mantle.
The front door was finished.  The rug is cute-the blue tape has to go :)
I hope this holds you over.
I'll admit, I'm anxious to see it all too.
But you can't rush making a house a home.
Stay tuned for the tour.

Photographer of the Year

 I just wanted to drop in and give you a quick update on Weld House Home #2.  A few loose ends are still being tied, but the family is living and enjoying their new home, complete with carport.
 Decorating, furniture arranging, and TV watching has just begun.
I spy something one cute...
 The Stainless Steel countertops are installed and so are all of the appliances.  A backsplash is due to be installed soon.  A bead board wall was put in place on the island wall, which will also receive some exciting changes shortly.
 I love the bright Fiesta dishes and can't wait to see how the rest of the house is coming along in real life...
Pictures like these just don't quite cut it for me.  I guess next time I tell Mr. Welder to not forget to take pictures, I should also throw in to not forget to turn on the lights first.  He comes home bragging about how homey things are becoming and these are the pictures he brings to prove it.  I tell him it's not for me but that you people want to know and we can't keep you waiting...I guess I'll have to go take some of my own photos.  Until then we'll have to be patient.  I'm just picking on Mr. Welder.  I just wanted to let you know that things are moving along great and eventually I hope to put together a house tour.  Since the owners are family, I can go over after they get settled in and show you the good stuff...like my nephew's room that I've heard a lot about.  I can't wait to see it and to share it with you.  And I'd like to wish the Weld House Home #2 family a happy time making their new house into their cozy home.  Fun times!

Happy Birthday Builder!

 So what does a good wife do for her hubby's birthday?  She surprises him by taking the day off from her real job and works for him for the day.  And I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet a neighbor and blog fan.  It's always nice to meet those you talk to all the time :)  You blog readers are such good listeners.
 Mr. Welder worked on the windows.
 Just look at me be a good wife some more.
 Don't the finished windows look fab?!
 The dormer window was trimmed too.
 The beam received its black buckles.
And look!  Appliances are starting to show up.  That must be a sign that move-in day is approaching.
In case you're worried, we didn't work Mr. Welder's entire birthday.
We had a nice dinner and partied at the bookstore.
We're so wild!

It's CLEAR...I'm on the Ball This Week

 I know it's shocking, but it's me again. (And Mr. Welder is decked out in clean shorts today too!)
The framework for the carport and covered walkway were painted.
 While we're outside, here's a look at the stairs and rock work that was completed last week. 
Daisy poses prissy on command.
 As soon as I entered the house, I knew my sweet mother-in-law had been around.
 Mr. Welder blew the dust from the cabinets.
 (Yes, he's wearing his swim shorts...the laundry wasn't dry yet.)
 It was time for clear coating the built-ins!
 I had the very important job of not letting the hose drag across the doors.
Of course I was specifically chosen for this task.
(It's cloudy, but I'm there.)
Orange shorts are part of the Weld House Homes uniform.
 Daisy was specifically chosen to guard the project.
Do you see her?
She blends in and waits, ready to attack any intruders.
Prissy but vicious...when she wakes up from her nap.
 And then came the fun and exciting part.  There's the homeowner (my lovely sister-in-law) and Mr. Welder installing the doors.
 We ran out of the clear coat so were not able to finish the drawers and a few doors.  It was after midnight but we still had enough time to stand around and admire the outcome.  Here's a peek at how things are looking.  One day I'll get around to telling you all about all the different built-ins.
Having this huge part of the project wrap up so nicely was a great way to end the week.
Yes, what a blessed home it is.
And we feel blessed to be a part.

Yes, It's Already Me Again...

I know, I'm on the ball this week.
I'd like to think I'm adjusting to this new life of ours, that I've figured out a way to keep up with everything on our plate, but I won't kid you or myself...and I'll try to forget that Mr. Welder is on his last pair of clean work shorts again....Let's take a look at the carport, shall we?
Looking good.
The staining is coming along quite nicely, and I can't wait to see the finished products!
Last post when I showed you the interior doors stacked in the trailer, I noticed that in all the other photos the doors were ajar (that makes me laugh) and therefore I'd left you in the dark about how they turned out.
So that is when I closed this door and took this photo to let you in the light.
Here's a shot of the trim I mentioned last post.  Mr. Welder worked magic and made a plain old board look fancy schmancy.
The attic door was installed.
There are doors and drawers all over the place waiting for their clear coat.  Then will be the exciting task of matching all the numbers up and putting them back in place.
Just think of the puzzle we'd have without numbers...

Doors, Drawers & Trim Galore

It's been a while since I've provided an update on Weld House Home #2.
Since my last post, the island wall was rocked.
The fireplace rock was finished. 
Form boards for a carport and sidewalk were put in place.
A few Fridays ago, we hit the road to pick up materials.
Those are the interior doors and inside the box is the faux beam for the living room.
Those things are pretty cool and look real...shhh, don't tell anyone Weld House Home #2's secret.
The cement was poured.
The floor covering was removed.
Here's a shot of the den and kitchen's stained and scored floors.
I love it!
This picture is on the blurry side, but it shows the faux beam and where Mr. Welder has trimmed the doors.
Another shot of the trim work.
I am in love with the trim.
Mr. Welder made it all, stained it all, and is in the process of installing it all.
You can't tell from the pictures, but it's kind of fancy.
I'll have to get a closeup photo to show off the routed edge.
The cabinets have arrived!
Light fixtures and fans have been installed and there's a glimpse of their built-in entertainment center.
The Mrs. of Weld House Home #2 and I have started staining the built-ins.
There are a lot.
She told me she counted 93 (I think-numbers always get lost in my head so forgive me if I'm mixed up.) doors and drawers!
This weekend we started in the master bathroom.  This room also includes a shelf over the toilet and another vanity.
  I pick on the Mrs. for having so many built-ins. 
 But they are sure going to make their home so very nice. 
So that's the wrap. 
We started staining in the kitchen and their carport has also begun...no pictures yet.  Sorry, I do realize how much I am slacking, but I promise to be back....eventually!
Thanks for checking in on our progress.