Doors, Drawers & Trim Galore

It's been a while since I've provided an update on Weld House Home #2.
Since my last post, the island wall was rocked.
The fireplace rock was finished. 
Form boards for a carport and sidewalk were put in place.
A few Fridays ago, we hit the road to pick up materials.
Those are the interior doors and inside the box is the faux beam for the living room.
Those things are pretty cool and look real...shhh, don't tell anyone Weld House Home #2's secret.
The cement was poured.
The floor covering was removed.
Here's a shot of the den and kitchen's stained and scored floors.
I love it!
This picture is on the blurry side, but it shows the faux beam and where Mr. Welder has trimmed the doors.
Another shot of the trim work.
I am in love with the trim.
Mr. Welder made it all, stained it all, and is in the process of installing it all.
You can't tell from the pictures, but it's kind of fancy.
I'll have to get a closeup photo to show off the routed edge.
The cabinets have arrived!
Light fixtures and fans have been installed and there's a glimpse of their built-in entertainment center.
The Mrs. of Weld House Home #2 and I have started staining the built-ins.
There are a lot.
She told me she counted 93 (I think-numbers always get lost in my head so forgive me if I'm mixed up.) doors and drawers!
This weekend we started in the master bathroom.  This room also includes a shelf over the toilet and another vanity.
  I pick on the Mrs. for having so many built-ins. 
 But they are sure going to make their home so very nice. 
So that's the wrap. 
We started staining in the kitchen and their carport has also pictures yet.  Sorry, I do realize how much I am slacking, but I promise to be back....eventually!
Thanks for checking in on our progress.

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