From Icky to Spiffy...

   On Wednesday nights, the Welders are part of the volunteer, clean-up crew at a small, community dance hall, SPJST Elk Hall.  Bands play on most Saturdays, but the hall is also rented for wedding receptions, parties, and reunions.  Though the Welders do not take advantage of the usual Saturday night dances (we just do the fun part and clean up the mess-ha), the hall has been a part of their lives since the beginning of time.  Mrs. Welder's grandparents were involved years ago until recently, her parents used to work in the kitchen and behind the bar when she was a tot, the Welders' wedding reception was here (as well as other family members and friends), and an annual family reunion also takes place at the hall. 
A nonprofit that relies on volunteers, it's a family-friendly place nearby to several rural communities.
As is the case with any old building, repairs and maintenance are an usual occurrence.
After a leaky roof was repaired, there was still damage in the sheetrock ceiling behind the bar.
The lighting and fans were outdated and could use some sprucing.
But mostly, the damaged ceiling needed to be repaired.
So the light fixtures were removed.
The ceiling fans were "uninstalled".
The falling sheetrock was displaced.
Oh, Daisy asked if I'd mention that she's the Elk Hall mascot. 
Her position on the clean-up crew requires her to eat any fallen french fries, beef jerky, and crumbs.
Mr. Welder removed a section of this walkway.
Hi there.
Next, lathe boards were installed.
I tagged along to help...and painted this sign for Bee Angels.
And the moment you've been waiting for... here is how it looks now!
A new, galvanized tin ceiling.  Brand new light fixtures and the old fans were cleaned and painted black for a much improved look.
And here's a side by side comparison for ya.
I love it!
I bet the phone will be ringing off the hook to be booked for receptions and parties now!

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