Sheet Rock & Roll

It's about time I give you an update on Weld House Home #2.
Since the last time we chatted (sorry, I did all the talking, as usual) the sheetrock has been installed.
  A glimpse at the tape/bedding stage.
I always wonder how long it takes to figure out how to walk on these stilts...and work at the same time.
And what's the process to get all strapped in and standing upright?
After the sheetrock was textured, Mr. Welder sprayed primer.
I wondered how Mr. Welder took a picture of himself.
The next picture explained the answer.
This is the homeowners' friend who has pitched in to help along the way.  He has an awesome surfer dude laugh that cracks me up.
Mr. Welder paints.
They chose beautiful colors.
I came along for some of the more tedious painting.
A rustic tin ceiling will live in the kitchen/den.
This weekend was busy with electrical work being completed and the fireplace being rocked.
Our electrician/singer friend.
You can always tell when you drive up if he's on the job site...who needs a radio when you have him?
He's always singing unless he's trying to look serious for the camera.
So what do you think?
Isn't it looking great?

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