It's CLEAR...I'm on the Ball This Week

 I know it's shocking, but it's me again. (And Mr. Welder is decked out in clean shorts today too!)
The framework for the carport and covered walkway were painted.
 While we're outside, here's a look at the stairs and rock work that was completed last week. 
Daisy poses prissy on command.
 As soon as I entered the house, I knew my sweet mother-in-law had been around.
 Mr. Welder blew the dust from the cabinets.
 (Yes, he's wearing his swim shorts...the laundry wasn't dry yet.)
 It was time for clear coating the built-ins!
 I had the very important job of not letting the hose drag across the doors.
Of course I was specifically chosen for this task.
(It's cloudy, but I'm there.)
Orange shorts are part of the Weld House Homes uniform.
 Daisy was specifically chosen to guard the project.
Do you see her?
She blends in and waits, ready to attack any intruders.
Prissy but vicious...when she wakes up from her nap.
 And then came the fun and exciting part.  There's the homeowner (my lovely sister-in-law) and Mr. Welder installing the doors.
 We ran out of the clear coat so were not able to finish the drawers and a few doors.  It was after midnight but we still had enough time to stand around and admire the outcome.  Here's a peek at how things are looking.  One day I'll get around to telling you all about all the different built-ins.
Having this huge part of the project wrap up so nicely was a great way to end the week.
Yes, what a blessed home it is.
And we feel blessed to be a part.

Yes, It's Already Me Again...

I know, I'm on the ball this week.
I'd like to think I'm adjusting to this new life of ours, that I've figured out a way to keep up with everything on our plate, but I won't kid you or myself...and I'll try to forget that Mr. Welder is on his last pair of clean work shorts again....Let's take a look at the carport, shall we?
Looking good.
The staining is coming along quite nicely, and I can't wait to see the finished products!
Last post when I showed you the interior doors stacked in the trailer, I noticed that in all the other photos the doors were ajar (that makes me laugh) and therefore I'd left you in the dark about how they turned out.
So that is when I closed this door and took this photo to let you in the light.
Here's a shot of the trim I mentioned last post.  Mr. Welder worked magic and made a plain old board look fancy schmancy.
The attic door was installed.
There are doors and drawers all over the place waiting for their clear coat.  Then will be the exciting task of matching all the numbers up and putting them back in place.
Just think of the puzzle we'd have without numbers...

Doors, Drawers & Trim Galore

It's been a while since I've provided an update on Weld House Home #2.
Since my last post, the island wall was rocked.
The fireplace rock was finished. 
Form boards for a carport and sidewalk were put in place.
A few Fridays ago, we hit the road to pick up materials.
Those are the interior doors and inside the box is the faux beam for the living room.
Those things are pretty cool and look real...shhh, don't tell anyone Weld House Home #2's secret.
The cement was poured.
The floor covering was removed.
Here's a shot of the den and kitchen's stained and scored floors.
I love it!
This picture is on the blurry side, but it shows the faux beam and where Mr. Welder has trimmed the doors.
Another shot of the trim work.
I am in love with the trim.
Mr. Welder made it all, stained it all, and is in the process of installing it all.
You can't tell from the pictures, but it's kind of fancy.
I'll have to get a closeup photo to show off the routed edge.
The cabinets have arrived!
Light fixtures and fans have been installed and there's a glimpse of their built-in entertainment center.
The Mrs. of Weld House Home #2 and I have started staining the built-ins.
There are a lot.
She told me she counted 93 (I think-numbers always get lost in my head so forgive me if I'm mixed up.) doors and drawers!
This weekend we started in the master bathroom.  This room also includes a shelf over the toilet and another vanity.
  I pick on the Mrs. for having so many built-ins. 
 But they are sure going to make their home so very nice. 
So that's the wrap. 
We started staining in the kitchen and their carport has also pictures yet.  Sorry, I do realize how much I am slacking, but I promise to be back....eventually!
Thanks for checking in on our progress.

Sheet Rock & Roll

It's about time I give you an update on Weld House Home #2.
Since the last time we chatted (sorry, I did all the talking, as usual) the sheetrock has been installed.
  A glimpse at the tape/bedding stage.
I always wonder how long it takes to figure out how to walk on these stilts...and work at the same time.
And what's the process to get all strapped in and standing upright?
After the sheetrock was textured, Mr. Welder sprayed primer.
I wondered how Mr. Welder took a picture of himself.
The next picture explained the answer.
This is the homeowners' friend who has pitched in to help along the way.  He has an awesome surfer dude laugh that cracks me up.
Mr. Welder paints.
They chose beautiful colors.
I came along for some of the more tedious painting.
A rustic tin ceiling will live in the kitchen/den.
This weekend was busy with electrical work being completed and the fireplace being rocked.
Our electrician/singer friend.
You can always tell when you drive up if he's on the job site...who needs a radio when you have him?
He's always singing unless he's trying to look serious for the camera.
So what do you think?
Isn't it looking great?

From Icky to Spiffy...

   On Wednesday nights, the Welders are part of the volunteer, clean-up crew at a small, community dance hall, SPJST Elk Hall.  Bands play on most Saturdays, but the hall is also rented for wedding receptions, parties, and reunions.  Though the Welders do not take advantage of the usual Saturday night dances (we just do the fun part and clean up the mess-ha), the hall has been a part of their lives since the beginning of time.  Mrs. Welder's grandparents were involved years ago until recently, her parents used to work in the kitchen and behind the bar when she was a tot, the Welders' wedding reception was here (as well as other family members and friends), and an annual family reunion also takes place at the hall. 
A nonprofit that relies on volunteers, it's a family-friendly place nearby to several rural communities.
As is the case with any old building, repairs and maintenance are an usual occurrence.
After a leaky roof was repaired, there was still damage in the sheetrock ceiling behind the bar.
The lighting and fans were outdated and could use some sprucing.
But mostly, the damaged ceiling needed to be repaired.
So the light fixtures were removed.
The ceiling fans were "uninstalled".
The falling sheetrock was displaced.
Oh, Daisy asked if I'd mention that she's the Elk Hall mascot. 
Her position on the clean-up crew requires her to eat any fallen french fries, beef jerky, and crumbs.
Mr. Welder removed a section of this walkway.
Hi there.
Next, lathe boards were installed.
I tagged along to help...and painted this sign for Bee Angels.
And the moment you've been waiting for... here is how it looks now!
A new, galvanized tin ceiling.  Brand new light fixtures and the old fans were cleaned and painted black for a much improved look.
And here's a side by side comparison for ya.
I love it!
I bet the phone will be ringing off the hook to be booked for receptions and parties now!