Some Nonsense Rambling and An Exciting Progress Report

Every time I come around to posting something about Jason's brother's family's house (lots of possessive nouns for ya) I can't remember how I've referred to it in the past...and maybe that's because I haven't thought of a good name for it yet.  I'm pretty sure I've called it Weld House Home #2, which isn't bad but will we keep going and call the next #3, then #4, and so on?  That seems like it could be confusing after about #3.  I don't have any brilliant ideas, have had a couple of thoughts, and like is my norm am probably putting way too much thought into this.  I've thought of using the family name (though I'm not sure all would be comfortable with their name all over this blog?  I mean, you know our last name and therefore you know Jason's brother's last name this time, but that may not always be the case.  Some clients may want to remain somewhat anonymous...and do not have to be on our blog at all if they so choose.)  Maybe we could ask the homeowners to name their own home (Copperhead Ranch, Freeland's Farm, the Cozy Colorful Cottage, Breton Estate, the Brown's House...), which could simply be their last name but would give an option and opportunity for some creativity/anonymity. (I'm seeing some weird looks that might come along with that question...and from being around Mr. Welder's friends, I'm a little afraid of opening that door.  No telling what some homes may be named-ha.)  So since I just need to get on with this post, I'll continue to call this one Weld House Home #2, but if you have any ideas or suggestions (or just want to say hi), please leave us a comment!  We like those :)
As you can see, the house is really moving along.  Isn't their view from the front windows going to be pretty?!?
I haven't been to the site since before the slab was poured...yes, I just now realized how left out I've been!  BUT aren't these photos great.  Mr. Welder has done an awesome job with this.  I don't even feel like I have to remind him to take pictures anymore.
Oh, and our lawn sign came in the mail and is now 'working it' out front hopefully sending clients our way :)  Thanks for checking in with us.

Patio Ready for a Party

This time the job at hand was installing a covered back yard patio.  Form boards and rebar in place, ready for the cement to be poured.

Getting it all nice and smooth.

This step was included to connect the new with the old.
And here is how it looked after the awning was added.
Doesn't it look great and add so much to the house?
And finally one our favorite electricians installed some lighting.
The picnic table was moved in and it's ready for a party.

Welding at the Winery

 Here are fence posts Mr. Welder built at home.
 He brought them here to this winery to install.  Don't you like the very appropriate wine bottle markers?
 A couple pictures that were taken during the process.
 Getting the pieces laid out.
 Then welded into place.  I like the broom I see :)  Makes me proud.
 Cables were stretched between the posts.

 The view from downstairs.

 Time to leave to sample a glass of wine.  Mr. Welder wishes...instead it was on to the next job, but if you have some free time you should check it out.  The winery has special events frequently.  Click here to visit their website to learn more.

Tender Loving Care for the Inevitable Wear & Tear

Mr. Welder had the pleasure of sprucing up this house for one of our blog readers' moms.  
The usual wear and tear that inevitably wrecks havoc on all homes had this house wishing for a makeover.
The back patio sported a lovely lavender wall, complements of the grand kids.
It was fun while it lasted but time for a change.
Unfortunately, the "before" pictures of the front of the house were on the camera that died.  I never saw them either, so we can feel like we've missed out together...

Bye bye lavender, hello new siding!
An action shot of Mr. Welder doing some final touch-ups.
This is what we saw when we drove up.  Doesn't it look great after replacing the rotten wood, installing a cedar gable vent, and freshing it up with a beautiful paint color?!
I love the scalloped wood work.

I think the patio is ready for a party...
We had a great time freshening up this lovely home for a lovely lady.
We hope she is enjoying it!

Slap Em' Up Strikes Again

 This post is brought to you by Mr. and Mrs. Welder.  The Mrs. is typing and the Mr. is going to tell me what to say.  We wanted to give you a quick update on the progress at Weld House Home #2.  The frame work is going up.  
 Getting ready to pull up the next rafter.
 Up it goes.
 Getting it plumb.
 Getting the last one in place.

And this is how it looks like as of today.  If the weather cooperates, the frame work should wrap up soon.
We plan to share a couple other projects shortly.  We are too sleepy to do it tonight after having a get together at Weld House Home #1.  It was fun but now it's time for some zzzzzs.
Good night.

Yes, We're Still in Business

 I know, there hasn't been much action on the blog lately...or ever for that matter.  Projects are moving along, pictures are being taken and we should have some progress to share soon.  But while we wait, want to have a look inside Mr. Welder's trailer? 
He painted the floor, built the shelf on the front wall and the ladder hanger deals, and moved in other organizational compartments.  We moved the white cabinet out the other day.  I am not sure what he plans to use instead but this piece is really big and heavy and better for the garage or shop.  The posts laying on the floor are for a project at a winery. 
Did you notice we have a couple new tabs at the top of the home page?  I added some links right here for you if your fingers are too tired to scroll up.  Our portfolio is not very impressive (or anything new to most of you) at this point, but we'll add to it, so check it out again later too.  And click here to learn about custom built weld house wares.  Thanks for stopping by.  I promise I'll be more entertaining eventually, so try not to give up on us :)