Yes, We're Still in Business

 I know, there hasn't been much action on the blog lately...or ever for that matter.  Projects are moving along, pictures are being taken and we should have some progress to share soon.  But while we wait, want to have a look inside Mr. Welder's trailer? 
He painted the floor, built the shelf on the front wall and the ladder hanger deals, and moved in other organizational compartments.  We moved the white cabinet out the other day.  I am not sure what he plans to use instead but this piece is really big and heavy and better for the garage or shop.  The posts laying on the floor are for a project at a winery. 
Did you notice we have a couple new tabs at the top of the home page?  I added some links right here for you if your fingers are too tired to scroll up.  Our portfolio is not very impressive (or anything new to most of you) at this point, but we'll add to it, so check it out again later too.  And click here to learn about custom built weld house wares.  Thanks for stopping by.  I promise I'll be more entertaining eventually, so try not to give up on us :)

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