Tender Loving Care for the Inevitable Wear & Tear

Mr. Welder had the pleasure of sprucing up this house for one of our blog readers' moms.  
The usual wear and tear that inevitably wrecks havoc on all homes had this house wishing for a makeover.
The back patio sported a lovely lavender wall, complements of the grand kids.
It was fun while it lasted but time for a change.
Unfortunately, the "before" pictures of the front of the house were on the camera that died.  I never saw them either, so we can feel like we've missed out together...

Bye bye lavender, hello new siding!
An action shot of Mr. Welder doing some final touch-ups.
This is what we saw when we drove up.  Doesn't it look great after replacing the rotten wood, installing a cedar gable vent, and freshing it up with a beautiful paint color?!
I love the scalloped wood work.

I think the patio is ready for a party...
We had a great time freshening up this lovely home for a lovely lady.
We hope she is enjoying it!

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  1. Jason and crew did an awesome job and my mom feels blessed to have had Jason as her builder. Great pics, but that sad looking roof (ins. is paying because of hail damage) is finally going to get a spruce up and match its new exterior. Thanks for the sweet post and if there ever is a party on the back porch (because it is now so party-ready) y'all will be the first invited. Blessings to you!