Starving Builder

Well, since the first, secret post on this blog where I thought I would mainly journal about helping Mr. Welder's brother build their home...a lot has changed. As some of you know, Mr. Welder's last day at his real ( job was Friday. (Thank you, Pioneer Steel and Pipe for all you've done for our family over the years.) Throughout The Weld House project, we'd talk and dream about making a living by building, creating, designing-basically scattering the world with Weld Houses and Weld House projects. After discussing the subject until blue in the face and praying so hard our knuckles turned white, the answer we came to would be for Mr. Welder to jump in wholeheartedly (which is almost impossible with a full-time job taking up most of your time.) I will continue to work my day job so hopefully we will still have food on the table, but will help and support Mr. Welder as much as possible. Though the current economy and newspaper headlines have not been very encouraging, we are extremely excited about this new endeavor. We feel like we are at a time in our lives where it is "now or never." Thoughts that have lead us to this point are: We aren't getting any younger, we do not have any children to take into consideration yet, and we'll never know unless we try. I'd be lying if I did not mention we are a tad nervous, so any extra prayers you could send our way would be greatly appreciated.

As you may have noticed on the side bar, we chose the name Weld House Homes, not because we want all of our projects to be steel frame homes. Of course, they can be, and the first one is, but we chose the name since The Weld House, Our Weld House, is where it all started. The Weld House is where lessons were learned and was the crazy adventure that eventually led us to starting this business. Mr. Welder will start this new chapter by overseeing the completion of his brother's home and will see where that leads him. He's interested in building homes for other families but is also excited about possible remodel projects and custom work. Examples of custom work from The Weld House are the front door, the balcony rail (during) and complete, shutters, shelving and medicine cabinets... that is just a sample and too many links may make you loco, but he loves to work with steel, metal, wood, and more. He'd be happy to talk to you about whatever project you've been dreaming about.

You may have also noticed another link on the sidebar that takes you to another blog Weld House Wares. This is nothing at this point and may never be. I mainly wanted to secure the name just in case and also thought I might post Weld House Ware kind of goods that I currently find/make and sell at my shop, Bee Angels. What do I mean by "Weld House Ware kind of goods"? When decorating and making the Weld House our home, I often turned to thrift store, garage sale, old barn and flea market finds along with handmade items that were mostly crafted by my mom. Though I started by mainly selling body care products, pewter dishes and other new items at Bee Angels, I've more recently had a fun time mixing in old and handmade items that would live perfectly at the Weld House...if there was room. So if you want a little Weld House pizazz at your place, run on over to Bee Angels and scoop up some goodies.

As for the Weld House blog. I plan to keep it going too. I have really enjoyed journaling the more interesting parts of our lives. We do still have a few Weld House projects to finish up as well, so I will definitely have posts covering those. And if I find the time for home decor projects and things along those lines, I'd like to post about that kind of thing too, so I hope you'll keep reading along there too.

Well, I think that pretty much got all of our secrets and explaining off my chest. We sincerely appreciate all of your support, prayers, and words of encouragement as we take this leap. We'd love for you to follow along this new journey where we hope our clients will allow us to share some of what we're up to here on this blog. Oh, and call Jason if you want to be his next employer :) That's not thunder in the distance...we're getting hungry over here :)

Family First

Mrs. Welder started this blog to keep up with their first major project after the Weld House...well, she hopes after, since technically there are a few loose ends to still be tied up there. Plans are in the works to help Mr. Welder's brother and family build a home. We are both super excited. We loved every minute (ok, there were a few not so loving minutes...I exaggerate sometimes) and can't wait to complete the journey once again. I like to pretend so came up with our business Weld House Homes...and I really do get lost in La La Land even dreamed up my side business, Weld House Wares, since I love the treasure hunting, creating, and decorating part of the house building project the most. Maybe one day I'll actually take the leap and open an online etsy shop where it would be fun to sell my findings and homemade creations. Until can check out my shop that has a little of this along with some other great stuff at Spice Village. Visit blog #4 Ha. By the way, the Welders are both employed full-time at great places to work and that is how they actually pay the bills and afford all of their hobbies :)