Family First

Mrs. Welder started this blog to keep up with their first major project after the Weld House...well, she hopes after, since technically there are a few loose ends to still be tied up there. Plans are in the works to help Mr. Welder's brother and family build a home. We are both super excited. We loved every minute (ok, there were a few not so loving minutes...I exaggerate sometimes) and can't wait to complete the journey once again. I like to pretend so came up with our business Weld House Homes...and I really do get lost in La La Land even dreamed up my side business, Weld House Wares, since I love the treasure hunting, creating, and decorating part of the house building project the most. Maybe one day I'll actually take the leap and open an online etsy shop where it would be fun to sell my findings and homemade creations. Until can check out my shop that has a little of this along with some other great stuff at Spice Village. Visit blog #4 Ha. By the way, the Welders are both employed full-time at great places to work and that is how they actually pay the bills and afford all of their hobbies :)

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