Beat the Heat

It's been a while since we peeked in at Weld House Home #2.
Nope, the furniture store isn't making deliveries yet...
But the spray foam insulators have done their thing.
Looks efficient to me :)
We took this insulation step at the Weld House, and I have to say, so far it's looking like this was a very good investment, especially in this summer heat.
Speaking of summer heat (quite the hot topic), the HVAC duct work has been installed (and inspected by Mr. Welder.)
Speaking of inspection, Weld House Home #2 passed it's county inspection earlier this week!
For some reason the word inspection can kind of make you nervous.
It feels good to have another one checked off.
And no, we did not get any rain from this beautiful sight.
Aren't these light fixtures cute?
I have a phobia about tags...but Mr. Welder informed me that the owners are still deciding if these are The I left them alone.
What exactly is tag phobia? 
As soon as an item enters the house (and I'm sure I'm keeping the item), off comes the tag.
My sister doesn't have this phobia.  She still has a tag on a pillow on her couch and I'm always tempted to find her scissors and get it.
I'm sure if I just asked, she'd let me chop it off...
Well, enough talking about my weirdness, we better buzz on out of here.
Happy Weekend!

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