Weekend Drive

Progress photos weren't lacking but on the scarce side, so...
Bud and Daisy drove us over to Weld House Home #2 to take a look around with camera in hand.
The front of the house is looking spiffy. 
And so is the back.
What's that on the back porch, you ask?
An outdoor fireplace.
This does double duty-two for the price of one.
During the summer it blocks the setting evening sun and during the winter...it will do the obvious.
I love the back porch!
Moving inside.
  The kid bath/shower was put into place.  It's a one piece so we had to get it in before finishing out the back wall.  I'm glad to see all my nagging about our shower/bath combo sunk in.  Mr. Welder can tell you how many times I asked to make sure we'd be able to fit a one piece in our house...practically every time a board was added, I'd chime in and ask to make sure we'd be able to get one in there.
I'm learning to zip my lips and did not even ask once this go round.
Nag good one time and they are trained for life.
Just kidding, honey.
I'm just trying to feel like my nagging comes in handy sometimes...
Wires and more plumbing stuff has been added.
The floors have been stained.  The den/kitchen was scored and stained.
And now it's all covered, so that will give us something to look forward to.
I haven't seen it uncovered either, if that makes you feel any better.
It will be so fun to unwrap this big present!
One more look at the back patio.
Yep, I LOVE it!

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