Rockin' Around the Pecan Tree

No it's not Christmas and I'm not even sure what kind of tree that actually is (that's just what fit in the blank when I busted out singing one of my favorite tunes), but I wanted to share a recent Weld House Homes project.
Since I wasn't around when this project was completed, I can only imagine what Mr. Welder was saying to get so many happy, smiling pictures of guys working in the 100+ heat.  Though I think every time I've been around our rock guys (yes, I like them so I claim them as ours...) they've been happy.
Love this picture...makes me smile.
I am horrible at symmetry and getting things even and lined up so I always appreciate those that are masters at it.
I couldn't help but be a tad jealous when Mr. Welder told me the about the home cooked meal the owners shared with him and the crew.  It probably did not help that he told me right after I finished a can of Spaghetti Os...
Cooking for others and sharing a meal is one of my favorite acts of kindness.  I mean, doesn't it make you feel good to be invited into someones home to enjoy a feast...or even a cup of coffee?  It definitely doesn't have to be anything fancy to make someone feel appreciated and welcome.
When I see examples like this it makes me want to be more like that more often.
A game of cards before finishing up.
After the patio was completed, Mr. Welder did some dirt work as finishing touches for this backyard sprucing.
The weather is a little unbearable now, but we hope it won't be long before are friends are able to enjoy it!

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