Hard Hat Tour

Hi, I'm Peyton. My aunt, Mrs. Welder, asked me to show you around my new home that is being built. Put on your hard hats and follow me.
Here's the inside which has nice, smooth floors for bike riding.
Though the yard is better for Gator riding...
And tractor playing.
Sometimes I take a break from the seriousness and show my silly side.  I learn a lot of my silly stuff from Uncle Welder.
Here is how the front of my house is looking.  There are still two more columns to rock.  I hope when all the rock work is completed, there is some left over to play with.
 Aunt Welder was off a few extra days when they got back from vacation, so she came to help Uncle Welder.  While he worked on our outdoor kitchen, she went around and laid out boxes for plugs (which are off limits for kids my age) and lights. 
The guys worked on our grill.
And on the rock around our door.
Daisy went snooping in the field.
Boy, was she thirsty when she made it back.
After she rested for a bit she sniffed around and put her whole nose in a hole.  She's silly too.
Uncle Welder went around and attached all those boxes that Aunt Welder laid out. 
They talked and discussed different options for light switches and door openings all throughout the house.  It was quite a bit to think through.  In my room they positioned my light switch so the door would not open in front of my window.  They love me and want my room to be perfect!
Isn't our outdoor kitchen so cool!?  I hope we can grill corn on the cob because I love it.
Well, it's time to hop on over to my next project.
Thanks for coming to visit us.

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