Bringing it Back to Life

The elements and uninvited guests can sometimes take a toll on property.  Though it would be nice if things lasted forever, that it doesn't, makes for a fun Before and After. 
This work shop had definitely seen better more glorious days.
The backyard view was gorgeous.
See it peeking out from behind the shed?
And sometimes during the removal process you encounter unexpected surprises.
Who invited these termite guys anyways?!?
Anything can be fixed though.
The boards were replaced and the shop was leveled.
Fresh and clean sheet metal was put in place for wall covering. New windows were installed.
A shiny, new roof lined with insulation was capped with trim.
Mr. Welder left the camera at home the day he went back to put the door on...
Now don't you think this looks like a perfect place to enjoy working on projects?!
It was really nice meeting and chatting with the owners.
(Oh, and Jason really appreciated the Big Red surprise.)
We wish them luck on the rest of their backyard endeavors and hope they enjoy their new and improved workshop!

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