Happy Birthday Builder!

 So what does a good wife do for her hubby's birthday?  She surprises him by taking the day off from her real job and works for him for the day.  And I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet a neighbor and blog fan.  It's always nice to meet those you talk to all the time :)  You blog readers are such good listeners.
 Mr. Welder worked on the windows.
 Just look at me be a good wife some more.
 Don't the finished windows look fab?!
 The dormer window was trimmed too.
 The beam received its black buckles.
And look!  Appliances are starting to show up.  That must be a sign that move-in day is approaching.
In case you're worried, we didn't work Mr. Welder's entire birthday.
We had a nice dinner and partied at the bookstore.
We're so wild!

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