This One is for you, Seester.

This morning I had an email from my sister letting me know she drove by Weld House Home #2 and was surprised by how far along it was because I was way behind on blog posts.  To my defense, we figured out her phone was doing something strange and had not shown my last post (you know, the post with one picture that did not really show off the work...) but her email made me even that more antsy to show the progress.  I was already antsy after going by in person and being in awe over how things were looking.  Isn't it looking like a house!?!  Yep, that is how we do it at Weld House Homes :)
Rock is being ordered, concrete stainers and wood framers are being lined up.
These people will be moving in before you know it ;)
I know they are ready.
So, seester is this better?
And for those of you bored trying to pass some you want to know what the other email she sent said?  You never know what you're gonna hear from her. 
Here I'll just show you.

"We saw an armadillo on
the way home tonight and it made me think of you and how armadillos used
to be your favorite animal!! How country were we? Ha ha!"

That makes me laugh, but you probably had to be there.

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