Time Flies When You're...Left Out of the Fun

Things are moving along at Weld House Home #2.  Materials are showing up on a regular basis.
The porches have been added. (And the Gator has a parking space.)
Boards have been installed for the windows and doors.
The dormers have made their appearance.
And some electrical has been added to the outdoor living spaces.
 Wow, things go a lot faster when you're not there watching, holding up purlin and boards, and avoiding welding sparks and saw dust  :)  
Even so, I'm still anxious to see the walls, windows, and doors!
Especially the doors.  My sister-in-law came across a bargain of a lifetime on the doors.  Aren't things even prettier when you get a good deal?!
Well, the doors are pretty anyways according to the glimpse I got of them on the trailer. The bargain price is just icing on the cake.  And the windows are huge and beautiful.
But I guess I'll have to :)

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